July 10, 2007

It's a Start

Okay, so it seems that since I've got a website (still under construction) but more or less functional that I need to have a blog... well here it is. I'm not certain what this blog is going to include. I'm sure it won't be as hip, or pithy as my brother's, or as flashy and insightful as the ones I frequent, but I'll give it a go and see what happens.

I've just returned from an 18 day trip back to the Quad Cities. At first it was strange returning to the Midwest, having not been back for nearly two years. The first thing that struck me was how green everything is there, but coming from LA that's not surprising. What's not brown here is either concrete or burned from wildfires.

The Quad Cities is an interesting place. I have great friends there and love visiting, but the area looks so run-down to me--- more so than it seemed to be 15 years ago when I lived there. What progress has come to the area has happened in the form of chain restaurants and other venues that unfortunately have taken the place of local businesses that were what gave the area its identity. I suppose that happens most everywhere though, change is inevitable... I can accept it, but I don't have to like it.

But despite seeing much of what I remember from the area missing, I had a great time on my trip none the less. I reconnected with old friends and visited some places I hadn't been to in a long time. One of the high points was getting to perform with my old ComedySportz improv troupe in Rock Island. Jeff Adamson (the team's manager, and one of the original ComedySportz players) put me in a commercial promoting their hosting of the upcoming ComedySportz national tournament.

Man was it hot and muggy when we shot this...
I look like a flabby melon with arms.

The spot must have ran continuously on the local channels because I was constantly getting recognized for it when I was out in public. Also, the date is wrong in this version, it says June when it should say July.

Once I get the nuts n' bolts down on posting I'll upload some pics from my trip... but I guess that'll have to be another post.

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