July 17, 2007

NEW D.C. Dingle Trailer!

American's been asking for it! Well here it is, the story of a true Patriot!
The latest D.C. Dingle Trailer!


Most of the shooting for this 12 minute short took place over the course of two weekends. But throughout post there have been additions, extra shots and some changes. Overall it's gone very smoothly, from what I can tell. Rob Humphrey, who co-wrote (with Jim Peterson) and directed the film is also the editor and he's the one who's been dealing with all the headaches of putting it together. Since I was just one of the guys in front of the camera (in a fat suit) I have the luxury of relaxin' on the sidelines and watching it all happen, and happen it did.

Emily, Mike (on camera) Rob, Tom (D.C.) and Jeff (Wally)
The mortar scene, where D.C. and Wally dish out their
own brand of patriotic justice!

Mike (director of photography) adjusts the lighting so that
the cross scrim makes that perfect "holier than thou" glow.

I hadn't been involved with a shoot in quite awhile. It was nice to be around people where everyone loves what they're doing (yeah, I know that's a cliche) but it's true. I had a blast, even if I had to spend some of the shoot walking around in red underwear with my butt-flap showing.

In position to shoot. Terry (our "bestboy/grip") does not look happy.
Maybe I'm showin' too much flap.

What impressed me most about this project is how many professional tools there are now readily available to anyone wanting to make an independent project. D.C. Dingle was shot in hi-def and included a sequence where the interior of a tank (and the tank itself) is all done with computer graphics (all executed by the amazing talents of Mike Medlock).

John, Mike, Tom (D.C.), Rob, and Jeff (Wally)
Set up to shoot the tank interior.

Wally and D.C. in the "tank"... actual tank interior to be added later.

Example of Mike's CG work--- D.C.'s giant speakers atop his house.

Like I said, throughout post production there have been a few changes and additions. One addition required me to put on a dress, wig, and makeup in order to play D.C.'s mom.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: Barbara Bush!

What worries me is that there's a woman out there who actually
fits into this dress. And apparently that "woman" is now me.


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Tom makes one fine lady!

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