September 13, 2007


I've been woefully behind in keeping up this blog. Over a month has passed since I left my tale of frustration regarding the ever-smiling Care Bears and my attempt to see the movie I wrote... ah, but I've been busy - and aren't we all? For the past several weeks I've been preparing for a modest Live on Tape reunion that will be taking place this Sunday in Rock Island, Illinois. From 7pm to 10pm at The Speak Easy (aka ComedySportz) there will be a little gathering with former cast members, friends, and any fans who might show up. I'm not expecting a big crowd, perhaps 25 to 30 people... mostly it's just a chance to reconnect, visit with old friends, and watch some clips from the show.

Why the hell did we wait 20 years to do this?

So, for the occasion I've cut together a clip reel comprised from all the episodes of Live on Tape. It's taken me weeks to complete, and now I have it done! - nearly two hours of clips and bits from the show. No skit or clip runs past 3 minutes and most them are (thankfully) under a minute - that's the beauty of modern video editing, you can rework, reedit, and rethink. Some of the old skits were painfully long, but no more! I've trimmed, cut, and hacked them down.

Once this was a fine animal with lotsa' extra parts.
Well, I cut 'er down to just the tasty bits!

I went through all the shows (over sixty episodes) and picked not necessarily the
best moments, but moments that were memorable or stood out to me.

Um... this is a lotta crap, you know that, right?

I also tried to find clips that featured some of the people who might be attending the Live on Tape gathering. What I ended up with was a good cross-section of what Live on Tape was, and something that represents the spirit of what we did 20 years ago. Eh, I'm not trying to make it sound like any great thing (it wasn't) but a lot of sweat and innocent love went into putting the show together. It's nice to look back upon it now.

My goal with the party is NOT to have everyone sit around and just watch old clips or episodes...

Oh no... not another episode!

...but to have the video up and running while people wander in and out, catching a few moments here and there as they mingle and converse.

So that's been my plan for this very inauspicious 20 year "reunion". Well, now I'm here, back in the Quad Cities - I flew into Chicago and drove to Moline late tonight. I'm looking forward to Sunday and seeing people I have not seen in a long while. I also have a sense of impending "closure".

I've waited a long time for this...

Now maybe I can put it all to rest and leave Live on Tape as part of my history. It's hard to let go of the most fun I've ever had, however time does march on.

Aw, who am I kidding? I'll continue to update the Live on Tape website n' blog... I'll never let go completely.


Anonymous said...

Dude it was a BLAST.
Thank's again for all you went through to make this happen (then and now).
As for closure, I don't know. I saw a lot of longing in many of those eyes. We are surrounded by people who want to do stuff but you were the guy who got up off his ass, made something happen and told people when to show up.

Love ya man,
Jim L.

Tom said...


Thanks for showing up! I'm really pleased that people came and (hopefully) had a good time. Wish we could do it all again - or something new. Just hope we don't all have to wait another 20 years before getting together for something fun again.


Steaming bowl o' Calderone said...

Hello 25 year reunion! I'm sorry I couldn't make it, but with a show the night before and work the next day, it just was the worst timing. I hope the evening went well and I want to hear all about it! Who showed up? Who started a bar brawl? Who had the best story of Uncle Joey's Naked Time?

Tom said...

PETE! Sorry about the timing! I sooo wish you could have been there... everyone was asking about you!

Nosey started the first bar fight, but Bongo finished it... not before Uncle Joey put Arnie in a head-lock and threw him out of the window at CSz... and that's when the C.H.U.D. showed up. It wasn't pretty.