September 20, 2007

20th Anniversary Party!

First off, lemme say that I'm an idiot... a dolt... a globe spinner... a cabbage hurler of the first order! For some reason (that I can't explain) I took very few pictures at the Live on Tape party! I must have been more interested in interacting with the friends that I hadn't seen in years rather than rushing around to capture Kodak moments. So I guess my lack of digital recording was due to "honorable" reasons... but now I'm really wishing I had grabbed more pictures. Live and never learn I guess... oh well.

A few days before the party, on Friday, Sean Leary did a really nice write-up that ran in the local papers regarding LoT. This was a nice way to lead-in to prepping for the party. There were a couple of days of set-up drama making sure the projector was working properly...

Um... are you sure this plays DVDs?

...and then running around to pick up food and snacks. But it all went smoothly. Thanks especially to Jeff Adamson (manager of ComedySportz) for being a huge help in putting this together with me.

Overall I thought the little reunion was a great success! We were scheduled to open up at 7pm, but when Jim Loula arrived at 6pm (thinking that's when the party started)-- he got roped into helping me and Jeff Adamson set-up. That's what you get for being eager.

The party was held at the ComedySportz theatre in Rock Island IL.

It may look small in the front, but it's big in the back.
Just like most hearty Midwesterners.

About 40 or so people attended, pretty much the number I'd expected - I'd hoped for more, but you don't always get what you want.

Aw CRAP! Looks like we're gonna miss the party.

There were those who had moved away, had job or family commitments - they were missed. All in all it was still a good turn out with most of the important faces present.

Where oh where, has all the hair gone?...
Janos "Arnie" Horvath, Tom "E.J." Hart, and Don "Clive" Abbott

Actually Don still has ALL his hair (damn him) he just shaved
his head for the party so
that he'd fit in... or maybe he's mocking us.

Scott "Bongo" Hoyt and Merlin "Zippy" Nelson

Brandon "Ron Dyne" Lovested and Don "I'll have my hair back in a week" Abbott

Monta "Many Characters" Ponsetto
Jeff Adamson lurks in the back, drinking and plotting...
"Vun day, zee vorld vill be mein!"

Barb "Paula Sanders" Engstrom

Nosey, kickin' back with a brew.

Most, not all, of the cast from Live on Tape - today.
Back Row - Nosey, Tom Hart, Janos Horvath, Brandon Lovested,
Don Abbott, Pat Flaherty, Jim Loula, Scott Hoyt
Front Row - Lora Adams, Patti Flaherty, Barb Engstrom
Monta Ponsetto, and Merlin Nelson Jr.
(Scott Tunnicliff, not pictured, was also present!)

My plan was not to sit and watch old Live on Tape episodes, but to have clips running and then everyone mingling -- however, the nearly two hours of clips I'd prepared kept everyone watching, and thankfully laughing.

Jim Loula, Jennifer Horvath, Janos Horvath, and Lou Naab... not
laughing when this was taken, but they were later, honest!

And that was a wonderful surprise, seeing that (after all these years) what we had done back in the late 80's still made people laugh. It was great. I ran clips, we mingled, we watched bloopers, we drank, we ate, we caught up - it was exactly what I had wanted, and hopefully everyone else had as much fun as I did.

Thanks to everyone, not just the cast members and those who'd contributed to Live on Tape, but also to the friends and family who were there- thanks for making it a great time.


mr_eric said...

Tom - sorry i couldn't make it. sunday night...wife had to yada yada.

looks like a great time.

got the dvd today! THANKS. i'll shoot you an email.

the kids love the DVDs. it's cool and goes to show ya that good comedy transcends. The LoT DVDs sit proudly right next to my marx brothers, stooges, laurel and hardy, zucker/abrahams/proft, monty python, and upright citizen bridage DVDs. thanks for bringing it back.

Tom said...


Sorry you couldn't make the party, but life & kids should come first, so no worries. It was a lot of fun though.

Glad you're enjoying the DVDs, that's high praise indeed for them to rest on the shelf next to the others you mentioned. Thanks!

laura_hajost said...

hi EJ...this is his stepdaughter!!

i really like your show. it's like, awesome. um. and. bye!!!

what's your real name?

Tom said...

Hey Laura, thanks for the post.

My real name's not nearly as exciting as E.J. --- it's Thomas or just plain Tom.


Merujo said...

Hi there - we never knew each other, but Jennifer Hanson and I were good friends in high school - I spent most of my college years (and then a hunk of my 20s) overseas, and I lost track of her. Do you have any idea where she is now? (Unfortunately, "Jennifer Hanson" is a little too common a name to really find her on social networking sites!)

Thanks for letting me bug you in your comments.

Merujo (aka Melissa Jordan from Moline)

rashid1891 said...

i really like your show. it's like, awesome. um. and. bye!!!