February 3, 2009

MIKA - Lollipop

Damn! I love everything about this. Props to Brian for turning me onto it.


Zoo said...

It's great. Most of MIKA's music is pretty fun. Listen to "Billy Brown" or "Grace Kelly."

On a side note, one day Marina was playing "Lollipop" in her room. Her roommate walked past, backed up and listen for a few seconds before saying, "This is probably the gayest sound on the planet."

-Mike McFarland

Tom said...

Yeah Mika's music is really listenable, very retro-pop sounding.

As for being "the gayest"-- "Lollipop" is not even close, Marina's roommate needs to familiarize themselves with some of the bubblegum music of the 60's and 70's as well as a slew of 70's disco anthems and... oh yeah, how 'bout ABBA? There's a long line of other artists in front of Mika for the gayest sound around.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Joe Birdsong said...

Holy shit this is an addicting song. I listen to it once and Im humming it all day long.

At least it knocked out "Every Breath You Take" as the song embedded in my mind 24/7