October 7, 2008

Meat Face!

Generally, I don't like to eat things with faces.

I've eaten my share of fish with the head still on, the clouded eyes looking up at me, while not an aspect I enjoy, the deliciousness of the fishy wins over any sympathy I may have for my aquatic dinner companion.

But when processed food comes with a face, is creeps me out in a different way.

What do they have to be so damn happy about?

This must be "mild" cheddar.

I'm assuming that the smiling mug on the meat
is what ate the top part of this sandwich.

Cute, if it didn't remind me of a litter box.

Mmmm, nothin' like some fried Mickey!

Not only is it unsettling to see the image of the animals that
were ground up and used to make the meat,
but it's insulting--- and I hate being insulted by food.

I could make some comment about a tongue sandwich but...

I dated a girl like this once.

This patty seems to be straining...
I hope it's not doing what I think it's doing in my salad.

Visitation hours are from 11am to 8pm.

A chick's face on a hard boiled egg. Think about that.

Hey it's Mario! Who unknowingly is about to be devoured.

It's okay. They're already dead.

This one is wrong on so many levels.

I've had nightmares like this.

Words cannot describe the horror...

Sometimes you just can't help but get a fresh one...

Mmmmm, now that's good baby!
(Yeah, yeah... I know. Disturbing, no babies were actually consumed so relax.)


Eugene said...

"Hello, Child Protective Services? I'd like to report Jared from Subway..."

Tom said...

And given what I know about babies, I would never start eating at that end.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I totally want to make out with that watermelon woman! Don't tell my wife! mmmmm.... water...melon....


Tom said...

I won't tell. But watch out for seeds.