November 7, 2007

Emily on The Price Is Right!

Lotsa' pictures on this post and a video at the end.
This may take a minute or two to load, so you might
want to get yerself a cup o' coffee or a snack or somethin'.

If you follow my blog, then you know that back on October 16th Emily and I went to a taping of "The Price Is Right", and Emily made it not only to contestants row, but she also won a car! We were told by CBS that her episode wouldn't air until November 27th... well, barely three weeks went by and on November 5th Emily got calls from people in Florida (she's from Orlando) who had seen her on the show. So it was a frantic rush to try and set a recorder to catch the episode. Which we were able to do.

CBS was tryin' to be sneaky and air the show without us knowing. No wonder the writers are on strike.

Emily in the lower left, "OhMyGodOhMyGodOhMyGod!"

Contestants Row, careful... they bite.

Emily bids on... ugly bar set!

And wins!

Emily confuses Drew with a barrage of blather and double-talk.

But she gets to play for... A NEW CAR!

More blather, more double-talk, and now SCREAMING!

The "Hole In One" putting course.

Just put these in the right order of prices, lowest to highest...
(The products, not the girls.)

Emily checks with the audience... does a magical girlie dance...

...then makes her picks and Drew openly mocks her efforts.

She gets all the prices RIGHT! And putts right next to the hole!

It's an easy WIN!!!! She becomes airborne!

Okay, you can stop jumping around now. Really. You can stop.
Um... you're embarrassing me.

Emily won the 2008 Ford Explorer. After her win she got to spin the big wheel to see if she could get into the Final Showcase, but sadly that's when her luck changed. The wheel came loose from its mount and rolled across the set, injuring three camera men, and then it went into the audience where dozens of people were hurt and a woman later died... but it wasn't due to the wheel, she was hit by a bus on her way home from the taping.

Okay-okay... none of that happened. What really happened was Emily's wheel spin went over one dollar, disqualifying her from the Final Showcase. But if the wheel had come loose, that woulda' been cool.

Emily was jumping, hopping, and leaping about so much that she pulled a muscle in her neck/shoulder. She was actually relieved that she didn't win the wheel spin so she could sit down and relax. He neck hurt for a week, but that's a small price to pay for a new car. Unless of course you hurt your neck getting hit by a new car. In this case I think it was worth it though.

Anyway, here's the video of Emily's stint on The Price Is Right! So you can see for yourself.


Oak of the Nut said...

What a well-documented blog entry of your experience at The Price Is Right! And watching the clips makes me think I was actually there. Wait... I was there.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Congrats to Emily... wahoooo! YES YES YES! I can't believe this! AWESOME! (I'm doing a victory dance - sort of looks like 25000 volts going thru a dead squirrel) HOOORAAAAAYYYYY!

Okay, that was my celebration for Emily (& Tom who will inherit some Ford Explorer off road action). I'm very happy for both of you. Sigh.... how come I never win anything?

Losing in Sedona

brian said...

Nicely done, but Tom... you were remiss! Where's the screen cap of you, Rob and Terri (sp?) in the audience?

Tom said...

Honestly, I couldn't find a moment in the video with either myself or Rob or Terri.

Steaming bowl o' Calderone said...

So, Tom, what are you doing with all this additional "free time"? said...

Hey, I was at that taping. I was with the giant group of Marines wearing blue shirts. How did you find this tape?? I missed it when it was on TV because they decided to change the air date on me and I didn't notice until it was too late... Do you have the entire episode by chance?? I would love to show it to my buddies that came with me. Congrats by the way. I shook Emily's hand afterwards outside. It's funny I found your page. haha

Dave Piccoli

mr_eric said...

just dropped by to say merry xmas,

but DAAAMMMMNNNN that's exciting.


Anonymous said...

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